Autel Maxi AC EU

Rating: 7.4 kWh
Type: Home Use
Do you require Installation Works?: No

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Autel Maxi AC EU station is a SMART AC Wallbox charger designed by Autel. The MaxiCharger charger is an extremely useful charging unit that can be used at home. Its modular design simplifies the installation and maintenance. Anybody can operate Maxi Charger with a simple and convenient mobile application.
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Compatible with every electric vehicle

Rating: 7.4 kWh
Type: Home Use
Do you require Installation Works?: No

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox

- ideal for domestic use -

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox was awarded the iF and Red Dot product design award!

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Wins the iF and Red Dot Awards! The Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award are among the world's top three design awards. Previous winners include prestigious brands such as BMW, Sony, Apple, and Google.


More secure, more reliable, and extend your battery’s life

More Benefits

Our home MaxiCharger has been designed to give your electric vehicle a powerful smart charger. It's perfect for daily use at home and is easy to install, with multiple functions found on the Autel app. The compact dimensions and minimalist design will fit any garage and add a touch of style.


Intelligent battery diagnostic technology


Cover major charging standards


Compatible with every electric vehicle

App Support

Connect to Maxicharge mobile App


IP65 protection from water and dust


Remote firmware update and troubleshooting

Technical Specifications

Product Information

Charging mode: Mode 3
Input/output power rating and current: Single phase up to 7.4kW/32A; Three phase up to 22kW/32A
Input/output voltage: 230V±15%, single phase; 400V±15%, three phase; 50Hz (UK: 230V±10%, single phase; 400V±15%, three phase; 50Hz)
Network type: TT, TN
Connector type: IEC 62196 type 2 plug, 5m, IEC 62196 type 2 socket or socket with shutter
Residual current detection: AC 30mA + DC 6mA
Protection: Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, integrated surge protection, PME (UK)
Card reader (Optional): ISO 15693, ISO 14443
Power measurement accuracy: +/- 1.0%; Build-in MID Certified meter (Only applicable to the products with LCD screen)

General Characteristics

IP and IK rating: IP65 (IP54 for socket version); IK10 (Screen: IK08)
Operating altitude: 2000m
Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +55℃
Storage temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃
Mounting: Wall or floor using a pedestal
Dimensions (H×W×D): 336 × 187 × 85 mm

User Interface

Status indication: LED / APP / Touch screen (Optional, 5 inch LCD, 800*480)
User interface: Autel Charge APP; Autel Charge Cloud
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G (Optional), CAN, RS485 for energy meter connection
Communication protocols: OCPP 1.6J
User authentication: APP, RFID card

Software Update

OTA updates via web portal

Certification and Standards

Safety and compliance: IEC 61851-1, IEC 62311, IEC 62479, IEC 62955, IEC 61439-1/ -7
Certification: CE (TUV)
Warranty: 36 months, warranty extension possible

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox